Business and Commercial Law

Whether we are helping an entrepreneur form a new company, serving as general counsel to a business, or representing a business on specific matters, we work to use our experience and abilities to produce efficient and effective business-oriented results.  We serve our clients local, regional, national, and international business needs.

Businesses engage in a broad spectrum of business transactions, and our law firm has the experience needed to help our clients successfully manage tough legal issues in a proactive and cost-effective manner. Our legal advice takes business aspects into consideration so that solutions can be reached that do not interfere with business goals. Whether our clients retain us for a single transaction or on an on-going basis as their business counsel, our goal is to work with our clients to establish a successful business and resolve any business problems.

As our clients’ businesses grow, we provide legal services to commensurate with their expanding needs:

  • Reviewing or Drafting Contracts for Real Estate
  • Developing policies, Procedures, Plans, and Agreements Concerning Employees and Independent Contractors
  • Drafting Employment or Independent Contractor Contracts
  • Drafting Confidentiality and Non-Competition Agreements
  • Reviewing or Drafting Contracts with Suppliers, Vendors, Distributors, Customers, or other Business Partners
  • Evaluating Potential Business Acquisitions and Preparing the Documents Required to Carry Them Out;
  • Managing Contracts
  • Protecting Business from Potential Legal Hazards
  • Obtaining Required Government Licenses and Permits
  • Planning and Implementing the Expansion of Business through Additional Outlets, Distributorships or Franchising.

Many companies have discovered the benefits of having a specialized business law firm as its general counsel. As an outside, in-house counsel, we become part of our clients’ business teams and work to understand them and their businesses.  We take the time to explain the legal and practical issues, and help them choose the appropriate course of action. Businesses can rely on us to meet most business legal requirements since we provide legal guidance and advice within our specialty area. If necessary, we are able to refer our clients to counsel in other specialty areas.

Whether a company is engaged in local, regional, national, or international business transactions, we have the ability to identify legal considerations unique to each type of transaction as well as the everyday legal needs of business.